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mormonOn, you will find articles written by average members of the Mormon Church, which is a common nickname for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Our purpose is to share our beliefs with others and to establish a site where honest inquiries can be answered. This is not an official Church site. The official Church websites are and

Jesus Christ is the center of Mormon faith and worship. Mormon Church members strive to follow Jesus Christ in all that they do. To emphasize this, the Church has therefore established a website about Jesus Christ.

You might wonder how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints came to be casually called the Mormon Church. The gospel of Jesus Christ has always existed. All the prophets who have ever lived (including Adam) have taught of Christ and explained the atonement. Whenever there have been a people willing to listen, the Lord has called prophets to teach them. This is especially true for the Lord's covenant people, Israel. Around 600 B.C., as Jerusalem was about to fall to the Babylonians, the Lord led away a prophet named Lehi and his family to safety in the Americas. They were Israelites, and they took scriptures with them; their prophets added more of their teachings and history, and prepared them to receive Christ when He should come to minister on the earth. They were shown signs of His birth and death. After His resurrection, Christ visited these people and organized His church. Their scriptural record was compiled and abridged especially for we who live in the final days before Christ's second coming. The ancient prophet who did this was named Mormon, and the scriptural record is called the Book of Mormon. Hence, the nickname, Mormon Church. The Book of Mormon is a second witness for Christ, and it supports and upholds the Holy Bible as the word of God.

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Mormon Church Articles

Are Mormons Saved?
Are Mormons Saved?

The answer to the question, “Are Mormons saved?” is yes, but a simple yes doesn’t really answer the question. Mormons use the term “saved” a little differently and the answer might depend on your definition of the term. The Bible uses the word “saved” to mean many different things, all of which the Mormons, a nickname for members of The... [Read more on this topic]

Are Mormon Dietary Laws Similar to Kosher? Are Mormon Dietary Laws Similar to Kosher?

Kosher laws outline which foods a Jewish person may or may not eat, and how it is prepared, served, and eaten. While there are many speculations as to the reasons for the laws, the primary one is that God instructed the Jewish people to eat this way, and when God instructs one to do something, a reason isn’t needed. Mormons also have a health... [Read more on this topic]

Do Mormons have Communion? Do Mormons have Communion?

Personal Response by Karen Merkley Mormons partake of the Sacrament of the Lord’s supper–initiated by Jesus Christ–every Sunday, as Catholics partake of Communion. We have in common our love of the Lord, and our belief that He would have us partake of this emblem of His love, sacrifice and atonement. In addition to partaking of the... [Read more on this topic]

What do Mormons Believe About the Holy Trinity?
What do Mormons Believe About the Holy Trinity?

Personal Response by Karen Trifiletti Mormon Beliefs: Holy Trinity: The Father, Son and Holy Ghost Are Three Separate Beings I’m so glad you asked; I remember wondering about the Godhead before I became a Mormon (member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). I scratched my head every time we recited the Athanasian creed, trying earnestly... [Read more on this topic]

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